Mechanical Services

Pitpros provide experienced mechanics who are capable of handling any repair service and auto maintenance works of vehicles.

Electrical Services

Pitpros offers comprehensive auto electrical services to keep your vehicle in good condition to protect your vehicle’s electrical systems.

Tire Services

Pitpros help anything from a flat tire to a complete tire change. We also offer tire rotation and balancing services.


Pitpros is vast and includes everything you need.From oil changes and tire rotations to full car repairs are provided here.

Battery Services

Pitpros provides a wide range of battery services for smooth running of vehicle & ensure that your battery is in good working order.

Oil Change Service

Pitpros is dedicated to provide our customers with the best oil change service with the latest technology and equipment in Dubai.

Tire Repair

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Steering Repair

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Mobile Tyre Garage Services


Oil change and Mechanical Services

At our service center, we have a team of experienced mechanics who are equipped to handle all of your car’s oil change needs. We offer a variety of services, including regular oil changes, engine repairs, and even full inspections.

Best Multi Brand Car Repair Service